Welcome to The Hemp Community

The Hemp Community is a Social Enterprise in Edinburgh. Our Mission is to sell great CBD supplements and support people to use hemp products for their health!

We’ve opened our new shop at 15 Henderson Row

You can still order online for Home Delivery, Click&Collect or drop by  for a socially distanced chat!

Here at The Hemp Community we want to help you learn how to look after your endocannabinoid system.

We carry a range of CBD brands and products because we believe you should have good choices. For advice on choosing, contact us

What have we got in our shop?

CBD for everyone! The Hemp Community believes in choice so we offer a range of products and brands to suit everyone. 

Our most popular products are CBD Oils, but there’s so much to choose from;

  • The Hemp Community

    The Hemp Community (16)

    The Hemp Community is the UK's first social enterprise specialising in the sale of CBD products. Buy 1 get 1 Half-Price Buy 2 get 2 Half-Price...Etc...
  • Dynavap

    Dynavap (19)

    Dynavap Dry Herb Vaporizers now Available at The Hemp Community
  • CBD Tea & Drinks

    CBD Tea & Drinks (9)

    CBD Tea & Drinks
  • CBD Clearance and Sale

    CBD Clearance and Sale (27)

    You'll find Special offers and clearance CBD in this part of the shop! Grab a bargain! CBD oils, Capsules, Full Spectrum Products, Extracts and more! Some items are reduced to clear, when they’re gone they’re gone!
  • CBD for Beginners

    CBD for Beginners (12)

    These products are great for people new to using CBD oil We always recommend to Start low and go slow. Begin by taking 1-2 drops under your tongue, 2-3 times a day, and slowly build it up.  Routine is important, time is the secret ingredient Beginners using CBD should aim to make their first bottle last 3-4weeks. Most people new…
  • CBD Edibles

    CBD Edibles (14)

    Edibles (Infused food products) are a tasty way of taking CBD. Each food product contains a CBD dose. Eat a half or a whole. Your choice! CBD Chocolate, Vegan Treats and we're always on the lookout for new products!

The Hemp Community is a not-for-profit business based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We offer a range of CBD products, available for home delivery or collection from our wee hemp shop on Henderson Row.

Are you interested in using CBD for your health? Do you want to discuss your options with professional cannabinoid specialists?

Our experience led and evidence based approach to business puts your health and well-being at the centre of your legal cannabis retail experience.

Order now or contact us to discuss your options.

Your choices matter

We offer a wide range of CBD food supplements from brands we know and trust.

Everything we sell is tried and tested, and more importantly has come recommended by our community!

We all agree that CBD should be both affordable and accessible.
That’s why we have such great offers on our products.

We know that people get better results from CBD the longer they keep taking it.

We offer generous discounts on our products, and allowing customers to earn discounts through our loyalty account

The Hemp Community is committed to facillitating learning experiences for all of our customers and community.

We are here to tell you the truth about CBD, hemp and Cannabis because we belive it is of vital importance for the health and wellbeing of our society. 

We are building a community, and you are invited 😀

We do not condone breaking the law and we operate within the boundaries of the Uk Legal Cannabis Industry,

so don’t expect miracles 😉

Want to speak to a person? You can call us using the number below

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10:00-16:00 Monday-Saturday

Outwith these hours contact us by email, whatsapp or social media