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The Hemp Community is a Not-For-Profit Hemp Shop Based in Edinburgh

We believe that CBD is a public health opportunity that can change lives for the better, especially when used as part of a healthy routine.

Our mission to support people to get the best possible health outcomes from their cannabinoid products.

We are here to share our experience and offer you choices 

We offer a wide range of CBD food supplements from brands we know and trust.

Everything we sell is tried and tested, and more importantly has come recommended by our community!

We want CBD to be affordable and accessible, that’s why we offer such great offers on our products.

We know that people get better results from CBD the longer they keep taking it.

We offer generous discounts on our products, and allowing customers to earn discounts through our loyalty account

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What we have is our knowledge. To us, it is most important to get the right CBD products from Scotland for you. We have a selection fantastic selection of CBD Pastes, CBD Edibles, CBD Capsules, Skin care, Vape Liquids, drinks and best CBD oils from Scotland

Known for quality, reliability and safety. If you buy CBD in Scotland from The Hemp Community, 100% of our profits are reinvested in the company to make sure we can continue to offer you the best choice and prices. 

If you have any questions about CBD, which CBD product may be best for you or simply want to know more about our Social Enterprise, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Hemp Shop Edinburgh

 Hemp Community Interest Company, trading as The Hemp Community, is a retail social enterprise which provides CBD in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are a not-for-profit business and our goal is to advance the status of hemp and cannabis in our society. 

We promote the benefits of hemp and Scottish CBD products. 

We are the first social enterprise specialising in the sale of CBD oil in the UK exclusively. 

We have 3 years experience in our high street store and online platforms, working with people from all over the world to provide the best experience possible for our community.

 The company was founded by Dan Collins, whose personal experience with CBD and cannabis products, led him to believe that more than ever, the world needs hemp. We work closely with other hemp & CBD companies who sell organic CBD oil to make sure that the products we stock are safe and reliable. 

Our mission is to maintain the momentum we have built as the one-stop cannabis shop for all hemp and health related services, and to bring all of the best CBD products in Scotland under one roof. 

We know that hemp and CBD can make our society a happier, healthier place to thrive. 

 We want to provide accurate information and peace of mind to all of our customers. 

The Hemp Community is here to help.

What Is CBD?

Recently, you may have seen this ‘CBD’ has been in the media spotlight. The reason for this attention partly due to the fact that the compound is associated with plenty of well-being benefits. Several high profile cases have firmly confirmed that these health and well-being benefits could potentially improve the quality of life for those suffering from a plethora of conditions.

 In short, CBD (Cannabidiol) is a Cannabonoid which is a naturally occurring oil from the Cannabis family of plants; most notably Hemp! The most common form of CBD found on the market at the moment is a CBD Oil.  CBD can be bought as a food supplement, and used as part of a healthy routine to support and maintain good health. It may also be applied to the skin in the form of a salve, inhaled as a vapour or consumed as tea or food. 

Cannabinoids, including CBD, interact with our Endocannabinoid System which is a network of receptors that helps our body maintain its healthy balance; this is called Homeostasis.

Whether you are new to CBD, or looking for something new, we have a fantastic selection of doses including: 250mg, 420mg, 500mg, 600mg, 750mg, 1000mgs, 1500mgs & 2000mg CBD oils, and a range of CBD pastes. 

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Here at The Hemp Community we do not simply wish to sell you CBD, we wish to further the knowledge and understanding of Hemp and Cannabis based products. Do you have any questions or wish to speak to us about CBD oil Scotland? Get in touch here.

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