About Us

We are Hemp Community Interest Company, trading as The Hemp Community

Our business is a Social Enterprise; a not-for-profit business.

The Hemp Community is a grassroots project that operates the original CBD shop in Edinburgh. We support individuals and families to use CBD products to their best effect.

Here at The Hemp Community we want to teach people how to feed and nurture their endocannabinoid systems with healthy hemp products, including CBD Oils, Vape Cartridges, Edibles and Balms. We carry a range of brands and we want new customers to benefit from the experience of the whole community!

We believe that cannabis saves lives, and we believe that people are more important that profits.

A quick history

Our company was registered in 2017, and we opened our first high street shop in April 2018, and started offering online sales soon after. In 2021 we moved into our new premises.

The business was founded by a person whose life was saved by a plant.

Gradually I stopped feeling like a list of symptoms, and started feeling like myself

We continue to this day in memory of those who were not fortunate enough to benefit from legal cannabis products.


Our business was born from a love of Cannabis and a calling to help people connect with the  plant in a positive way.

We’re not a normal business, we’re a social enterprise and that means our primary focus is to benefit the wellbeing of our customers and community.

We would like some day to have a publicly accessible hemp farm; a functional educational space where people can experience hemp and cannabis growing techniques, modern and traditional agricultural practices, hemp processing and cannabinoid extraction, social and community focussed events and the sharing of communal produce!

The health and well-being benefits of hemp and cannabis derived cannabinoids are no longer a secret; there are many life-changing conditions that can be managed and improved by the use of cannabinoids.


We are here to play our role in the hemp renaissance!

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Shipping/Returns Policy

We aim to provide the best service and products we can. 

All web orders received before 2pm will dispatched first class on the same day, excluding Weekends and bank holidays.

Orders over £40 are shipped free. All shipping by Royal Mail.

We are happy accept return of any product that does not arrive in an acceptable condition, provided the product has not been opened or used.

Refunds will be processed through our card payment provider.