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A Selection of the best CBD Oils & Tinctures From the UK

CBD Oils and Tinctures are by far the most common and popular form of CBD you can find on the market in the UK. For most people, the first CBD product they use is an oil; this is because it is one of the most effective ways to take CBD and certainly one of the easiest. Unlike CBD oils come in a wide range of flavours, strengths and forms- they can be thick like CBD tar or light and soft. Although CBD capsules often contain oils, by adding a couple of drops under your tongue the CBD will be absorbed directly into the blood stream. We here at Hemp are a not-for-profit social enterprise and we stock one of the biggest, and best selections of CBD oils UK wide. Every cent of profit we make goes right back into causes in our local community.

Organic & Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Although we are based in Edinburgh, we stock CBD oils from right across the United Kingdom. As a social enterprise we are in the awesome position of being able to recommend some of the best CBD oils on offer. Also, if you buy CBD oil from us you will be supporting local communities around Scotland as 100% of our profits go back into positive projects. Hemp can Help!

How To Take CBD Oil? 

The very best way to take full spectrum CBD oil is by adding a couple of drops under your tongue and hold it there for up to a minute before swallowing. The reason for this is that the membranes under your tongue absorb the CBD directly into your blood stream- it is more effective and gets to work quicker. If you simply consume the oil, it will go into your digestive system, then metabolized into the liver. A lot of the CBD can be destroyed and the CBD finds its way into your system slower. TOP TIP: When taking your daily dose you must count your drops- get yourself a mirror so you can tell how much CBD oil you are taking!

Where To Buy CBD Oil

From the high street to the internet, CBD oil can be found right across the UK. It is easy to get your hands on some however, not all CBD has been created equally and there are some products which are poor quality, ineffective and a waste of money. The best place to buy CBD oil is from a company that has a great reputation, solely produces CBD products and have a passion for cannabis based products. You could also look into a company like ours who offer a wide range of products. We are a not for profit social enterprise so all of our advise is impartial and we make sure that we source the best oils we can.

Buy Organic CBD Oil UK