CBD Balms and Salves are an interesting addition to our CBD repertoire. Balms and salves are handy, portable, long lasting and can be used in a variety of ways. Imagine the glorious lips you’ll have after using one of these bad boys for a week or two! Although CBD balms are usually known as being used for lips, they are a particularly good delivery system or CBD when applying them topically to your skin or scalp. Whether you have a rough, itchy or scaly bit of skin, or have localized joint pain, you can apply these balms regularly as needed. Imagine all the nourishment from a beautifully natural balm infused with CBD – something magical!

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Just below you can see a selection of our featured products from some of the best CBD balm producers in the UK and Europe. Whats more is that we are a not-for- profit social enterprise so if you buy CBD balm from us, you will be directly funding positive change in the UK.

Benefits of CBD Balms

The benefits of CBD balm is dependent on the application and use. You may experience completely different results if you are just using the CBD moisturizer as part of your daily facial beauty routine, or if you are applying it topically to reduce the symptoms of a skin health condition. In either case, there will be some benefits associated with the use. 

CBD stimulates the Endocannabinoid System even when it is absorbed through the skin. the ECS is responsible for the protection and longevity of your body, including vital processes such as healthy cell growth and production. It helps to repair any damage and ensures that your cells are working properly.