CBD Capsules

How to control your CBD intake can be a challenge sometimes. Certainly if you would prefer to use a CBD vape oil or CBD edibles it can be easy to loose track of exactly how much CBD you are consuming. This may be an issue if you are on certain medications, or supplements. The sure-fast way to ensure that you are consuming a constant dosage of CBD is by taking CBD capsules. These capsules are small contained packages of everything you may need from a CBD supplement. Unlike other products, you do not need to measure out your dose or think strategically about how to get the most from your CBD supplement. Each capsule can be purchased depending on strength or complimentary ingredients. 

If you are unsure which strength of capsule is the best for you, we suggest starting small and increasing slowly. 

Holistic Hemp Scotland Capsules

Currently, we stock Holistic Hemp Capsules which come in two forms; 10mgs and 15mgs of CBD. The CBD capsules contain CO2 extracted, full-spectrum & water-soluble CBD. This ensures a higher potency and a more effective diffusion into bloodstream through the digestive system. The Holistic Hemp Capsules are created with a ‘body-ready’ formula which promotes the rapid absorption of CBD to stimulate the endocannabinoid system. With an increased efficiency per milligram of CBD, you get a lot more from these CBD capsules.  

Each capsule contains 10mg of Tumerone (Turmeric) and 20mg of Curcumin which is very well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Take CBD Capsules

The best way to take CBD capsules is to start small, and work up to a dose that suits your requirements. Start of with 1 capsule with food and water. You may increase to up to 3 per day. We highly recommend that you do not exceed the suggested daily dosage. Due to the fact that these CBD capsules are water-soluble, they can be dissolved in a drink, or beverage of choice… or even sprinkled over your food.