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CBD Edibles have been associated with Cannabis for as long as the plant has been consumed, for health and well-being, or otherwise. The great thing about edibles is that they make your consumption routine much easier and natural. They can simply be added to your daily routine or actively part of a diet plan. Compared to a crude or raw product such as CBD Oil, or paste, edibles are much more enjoyable and can be easily added to your normal daily life – CBD becomes a part of your diet without every having to be very serious about it. CBD Edibles UK wide are hugely popular with first time CBD users – especially the CBD Chocolate, Gummy bears and CBD teas (which are one of our most popular products).

All of the products we stock are from the best CBD producers in Scotland and have been lab certified and are the highest quality we can source. We only accept the very best edibles in the UK. 

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Buy CBD edibles with us – we stock a range of effective edible and drinkable CBD products. We are also a not for profit social enterprise and directly fund positive projects in our local community: by purchasing CBD with us, you are directly supporting our community based social enterprise projects

Best CBD Edibles UK? 

Due to the fact that we are an impartial social enterprise we are in the privileged position of being able to compare and contrast some of the best edibles out there. We know that we have to find the best CBD edibles to be competitive. Here are some options we offer for edibles and CBD drinks

 CBD Chocolate

We stock raw CBD Chocolate from Almighty Foods and is a superb little CBD treat for when you are on the go, for putting in your lunch box or a little treat. This CBD chocolate offers 10mg of full spectrum CBD per bar, and is sourced Cacao (67% of the bar) from Yapatera, Peru. With in being vegan, organic and 100% natural, you don’t have to feel so bad about treating yourself.

Classic & Vegan CBD Gummies

In some circles, CBD gummies are seen as counter productive; mainly due to their potentially sugar content and high risk ingredients. Yes, while this is largely true we also think there is a place for both classic & vegan CBD gummies that are specifically designed to be much healthier than the originals. We currently stock CBD gummies and we can supply them in our Edinburgh based store. Our CBD Edibles from Scotland include CBD Tea, CBD Chocolate, CBD Capusles and CBD Gummies. 

Whether you are new to CBD, or looking for something new, we have a fantastic selection of doses including: 250mg420mg500mg600mg750mg1000mgs1500mgs & 2000mg CBD oils, and a range of CBD pastes.