CBD & Hemp Tea UK

You will absolutely be hard pushed to find anything as refreshing and cleansing as a beautiful warm CBD & Hemp Tea. Whether you are looking for an a less bitter alternative to green tea or for the therapeutic benefits of CBD, then Hemp is your next big tea adventure. The magic of hemp tea is in its make-up; Hemp (our namesake) is the perfect ‘chill-out’ cup of something after a long, hard day – it is packed full of essential fatty acids (like Omega 3 & 6), cannabinoids, terpenes and flavoids. 

Hemp tea is also sweet, savory and mourish which makes it the ideal warm cup of cuddles before bed, or an invigorating and cleansing caffeine free first cup of the day. 

Our Hemp & CBD Teas!

Here at Hemp, we have a hand picked selection of luxuary loose leaf hemp tea and Morning/ Evening CBD teas. Each have been selected based on quality and popularity; we do not settle for second best here! What may also be worth noting is that we are a not-for-profit social enterprise which means that every penny that we make goes directly back into the community around us. So you can sit back, relax and know that your tea is fueling your ECS and positive change!

Hemp Tea Vs CBD Tea

Hemp & CBD tea can be very different. Both are produced with hemp, however, both contain very different levels of ‘cannabinoids’. While hemp tea usually does contain CBD (and CBDa), it is at a much lower level than a CBD tea. The CBD tea has had CBD added to the mix (usually in water soluble/ spray form) to boost the overall benefits of the tea. For instance, a hemp tea may contain a trace level of 0.5mgs of CBD, while a tea bag of CBD tea will contain up to 20mgs. So there is a huge difference. 

Both are beautifully refreshing and beneficial for your health, so it is down to your own personal preference!

How to use Loose Leaf Hemp Tea UK

Loose leaf hemp tea is the most common form that you may find on the internet. While it may seem a little scary to start with (if you are not a regular loose leaf tea drinker) it is surprisingly easy and rewarding to use. While you can purchase a loose leaf tea pot, you can easily use a small cive or a coffee cafetiere. Simply pour boiling water over the leaves and stir well- the best brew time is between 5-10 minutes to let all of the fantastic aromatic flavours and phytochemicals draw out. 

Depending on how strong that you like your tea, you will only need one or two spoonfuls of tea and this can be reused a couple of times before it looses its full hemp tea flavour. 

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