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CBD MCT Oil is one of those amazing products that is backed up by science and experiences. MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglyceride which is a type of fatty acid usually found in Coconut oil, or grass fed cow milk or butter. MCT oils are perfectly suited to the way our body consumed fatty acids- MCTs are take very little energy to absorb and they delver a very efficient energy source which keeps our bodies moving.  

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What is MCT Oil? 

MCT oil can be derived from many sources, however, the very best is fractioned from Coconut oil which is already one of the healthiest substances on earth. MCTs, or Medium Chain Triglycerides are a saturated fat that is both very easily broken down by by the body and is the ideal energy source too. This means that the compounds are absorbed very efficiently into the body; they are an ideal energy source for those on a ketonic diet. There are two main types of MCT oils that can be found online; Caprylic or Capric Acids. 

While the very best MCT oils are courced from Coconut, it is easy to find MCT’s in Palm Oil and grass fed dairy products like butter, and some cheese. 

Benefits of CBD MCT Oil

The list of well-being benefits associated with MCT oils are maybe the longest you can find. A daily dose of MCTs can have a huge impact on everything from cognitive function, eye health, digestion and the promotion of healthy fat use. It is certainly worth searching out the benefits of MCT oil for yourself. When this wonder-oil is combined with CBD something wonderful happens. CBD attaches very well with fatty acids and is absorbed along with the MCT compounds, so compared to a Hemp carrier oil, when CBD is put into an MCT oil the absorption rate/ bio-availability of the CBD is massively increased. This means that the CBD is much more effective.

One of the other benefits of CBD MCT oil is down down to the fact that it is scentless and almost tasteless. Compared to a hemp, or olive carrier oil, MCT oils have a much lighter taste. A lot of our customers specifically make the complaint that some CBD oils have a strong and bitter taste, this is completely mitigated when using MCTs.

Our CBD MCT Oils

Based on feedback from our customers, we have sourced some of the best CBD MCT oils that we could find for our home brand, and also stock a wide range of CBD oils from other companies that use the benefits of MCTs. 
We have a wide range of CBD MCT oils from 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg & 2000mg that all use organic, clear and tasty CBD!