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CBD Paste is one of the most potent products that can be bought as a health and well-being supplement. Imagine a whole Hemp or Cannabis plant, which remains untouched and still contains everything that was inteded to be in there. All of those perfectly balanced Cannabinoids, fatty acids and green-good stuff. That is exactly what you are getting with CBD paste. The paste is generally contains a very high percentage of CBD, and if you combine that with the fact that these products are naturally full-spectrum and take advantage the ‘entourage effect’, then you have a wonderfully potent effective CBD extract.

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As a social enterprise we are in the awesome position of being able to recommend some of the best CBD pastes in Scotland & the wider UK. Also, if you buy the best CBD paste from us you will be supporting local communities around Scotland as 100% of our profits go back into positive projects. Hemp can Help. 

How Do You Use CBD Paste?

CBD Paste is very easy to use, just like a CBD Oil. Although it is suggested that more experienced CBD users use this product, the paste is such an easy way to get a big hit of CBD quickly. The best way to take this product is by placing a small amount (about the size of a pea – depending on intended dose) onto your finger and put it under your tongue. By placing the paste under the tongue rather than eating, or chewing it means that the CBD can flow directly into your blood stream; the membranes under the tongue help the CBD to bypass the inefficient metabolism process in the liver.

Cannabinoid Paste may not be to everybodys taste- it has an earthy flavor but it does not irritate your mouth or throat if taken in big doses.

The Benefits of Organic Paste

All of the benefits assiciated with CBD paste are to do with the Endocannabinod system (every single human has one of these) which is responsible for your bodies natural function and defense. The ECS promotes the healthy production of cells and the regulation of the bodies essential functions; like healthy cell production, regulation of blood temperature/ pressure, sleeping and production of chemicals in the brain. Cannabinoids, including CBD stimulates the ECS. This is why we can help the symptoms, or progression of illnesses such as epilepsy, arthritis, chrones disease, anxiety, eczema & psoriasis.

Whether you are new to CBD, or looking for something new, we have a fantastic selection of doses including: 250mg420mg500mg600mg750mg1000mgs1500mgs & 2000mg CBD oils, and a range of CBD pastes. 

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