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CBG is the new up-and-coming start of the Cannabinoid world. In fact, CBG is the precursor for every abundant cannabinoid that is found in Cannabis/Hemp: including CBD, CBDa, THC and CBC. While CBG is found in very small concentrations in the actual plant, in recent years CBG has been found to have a wide range of well-being benefits which compliment CBD perfectly.
Currently, we stock a raw CBG paste that is completely organic and proving to be very popular. 

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As a social enterprise we are in the awesome position of being able to recommend some of the best CBG oils & pastes from the UK, and the wider UK. We only select the very finest of CBG products as it is our mission to spread the word about fantastic CBG.
 Also, if you buy CBG paste from us you will be supporting local communities around the UK as 100% of our profits go back into positive projects. Hemp can Help!

What is CBG? 

CBG, much like CBD, is a non-psychoactive Cannabinoid that is sourced from the Cannabis family of plants. All cannabis plants produce CBGa which is almost immediately broken by synthesis into the other abundant Cannabinoids (CBD & THC). CBG is only found in tiny concentrations, it can be found in most full-spectrum CBD oils and pastes and plays a huge role in the Entourage Effect. 

In recent years, Scientists have been able to produce Cannabis plants that produce an abundance of CBG which is extracted to produce CBG oils and pastes. Why? Well, there is lots of research going into CBG oils to identify exactly what it’s well-being benefits are- and we bet there are many. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence out there that suggest CBG is one to watch as the next big Cannabinoid trend and has been hailed as better for CBD.