Hemp & Cannabis Shop

Why a Shop?

We are very proud to be the first not-for-profit Cannabis Oil and CBD oil Shop in the UK and Scotland’s first dedicated CBD shop. It was our ambition to be an outlet of Cannabis, Hemp and CBD knowledge alongside providing the right products for our customers. In pursuit of this, we put a lot of time into researching and sampling a collection of CBD oils and products that were renowned for their quality. We provide unbiased information about each individual product (including their features and their benefits/disadvantages) before allowing our customers to make an informed decision– this is easily done in the comfort of a friendly, neighborhood hemp shop.
Although our Cannabis shop is designed to inform & provide hemp based products, our ambitions as a social enterprise come to life in our shop.

First Not- For- Profit Cannabis Shop in the UK

It is The Hemp Community’s vision to provide a space for people to come together in support of building a community that benefits everyone;

a community that is caring, healthy and environmentally sustainable.
Hemp can help in all these things.
We are a Not-for-Profit social enterprise; all of our profits from our cannabis shop, and online store, go directly back to beneficial projects that help to develop our community locally and across the UK.

Our aim is to build a family of Hemp social enterprise Cannabis shops in the UK where profits are reinvested into projects that benefit people all over the country. Find our more about our mission from our About Us page.

Our Online CBD, Hemp & Cannabis Shop

To buy our products and to support our social enterprise, click on the button to our online CBD, Hemp & Cannabis shop.