We believe it is time
legalise cannabis

We are tired of the hypocrisy. Exhausted by misinformation.
There is more than enough evidence that cannabis is safe and appropriate for human consumption.

Humans have used cannabis for thousands of years. The orgins of cannabis are so deep in our history that life on earth simply would not exist as we know it without the influence of the cannabis plant.

Humans have consumed cannabis as a food, used strong hemp fibre for rope and applied the flowers of the plant in medicine and ritual since prehistory.

Cannabis was always legal. Cannabis and hemp were farmed across the globe and even here in Scotland and the UK!

Less than 100 years ago cannabis was made illegal as a result of political machinations, corporate influence and racist sentiment.

To this day, the rhetoric from politicians and professionals shows very little understanding of the science of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, or even the very nature of the plant and its people. 

It is time for an honest dialogue about the role of hemp and cannabis in the future of our society.

As a culture, we need to change. We need sustainable materials, we need carbon capture technology, and we need healthy protein.
We need insulation from the Scottish wind and we need to less plastic, or at least replace it with something less harmful to the environment.
We also need batteries that don’t cost the earth, and ethical clothing that is durable and versatile.

As a society we need to recognise the potential that cannabis has to transform our industry, our economy, our health care and our human rights.

It is time to follow the science

We all know the stories about Prof. David Nutt. We’ve all seen the movies about the green rush, the amazing medical and recreational cannabis phenomenon that is emerging all across the world.

We know that the endocannabinoid system is very capable at processing the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

We know how to grow sustainably, and how to breed plants with target ratios of live saving cannabionoids and terpenes.


The future is already here

Cannabis users all across the world have developed new technology to access and enjoy the phytonutrients of their cannabis and hemp plants. We have created our own underground economy, and broadly we all agree that it would a great deal less hassle all round if we could just buy our stuff down the shop.

We do not need to emulate the wild-west commercial cannabis boom in the US, nor do we have to bow down to the demands of corrupt and politically connected pharmaceutical companies who do not understand that this plant does not belong to them.

Cannabis is human. It belongs to us

We all share the same instinct; to be happy, healthy and free.
 And yet how any of this be possible when we are denied access to a life-changing herb?

Over and over again until weed is legal. For goodness sake it’s 2021 and the UK Home Office is still trying to tether the tide. 

We know that a majority in Scotland and the UK want to legalise cannabis. 

It’s long past time.