Brain Food – CBD, Lions Mane and Vit.D3 Capsules


A nutritional Toolkit for your nervous system

It’s Brain Food >>>

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Brain Food


The Hemp Community

Our unique and exclusive new product

Brain Food
combines 3 of our favourite supplements

one convenient, vegan friendly dose

Lions Mane Mushroom
Vitamin D3

Every Bottle has 60 Capsules

Recommended Dose:
1-2 capsules daily with food and water

This product is not a substitute for a healthy diet.

Food supplements are not a replacement for sunshine.
Go out for a walk as soon as you can!

Making it easy to care for your nervous system,
we are happy to introduce you to
Brain food from The Hemp Community.

The 3 ingredients in our Brain Food Capsules
have been specially chosen for their utility as
food supplements for the brain and nervous system


20:1 Conc. Lions Mane Mushroom Extract (400mg), HPMC Capsule, CBD (10mg, from isolate), Vitamin D3 (1000iu, from powder)

Brain Food is not sold as a Medicine, and does not contain THC


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