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CBD Vape Carts; quick, efficient doses.

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CBD Vape Cartridges, now available from The Hemp Community

  • 1ml Size
  • 400mg CBD Per Cart (40%)
  • Broad Spectrum CBD (zero-THC product)- – –

ingredients: Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate, Terpenes, MCT

Vaping and inhaling cannabinoids sends the dose from the lungs straight to the brain.
While not a long lasting effect, using CBD like this allows you fast doses discretely and on-demand. An essential part of the CBD toolkit

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8 awesome cannabis inspired flavours:

    • Blue DreamSweet berries and rich earth; the Blue Dream strain is one of the most popular varieties in the world. Known as a well balanced terpene profile for day or evening.
    • Grandaddy Purple –  Exotic, citrus and red fruits. The Grandaddy Purple Strain is legendary for its vibrant inflorences. This terpene profile favours evening.
    • Pineapple ExpressCitrus, pine and cedar aromas. Pineapple Express is a bright star in the bouquet of cannabis strains. This terpene Profile favours day.
    • Raspberry Cookies Raspberry, nuts and baked cookies fresh from the oven. Anything with “Cookies” in the name is bound to be a treat. This Terpene Profile favours evening. 
    • Tangerine Dream Oranges, citrus and floral aromas. Tangerine dream tastes as good as it sounds, and has an excellent reputation. This terpene profile favours Day
    • Strawnana – As the name suggests, a sweet and fruity treat for your tastebuds. This terpene profile favours evening.
    • Super Lemon Haze – The world famous SLH; sharp citrus and sweet fruity notes combine in this classic flavour. This terpene Profile Favours Day
    • Banana Kush – A balanced strain profile that tastes a bit bananas. Easy and mellow, good at any time of day.– – – – –

Disclaimer: Does not contain THC. Not Sold as Medicine.


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