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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Bright and grassy to begin followed by rich earth, subtle spice and a gentle hempy finish.

A little drop under the tongue is where it all begins…

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Full Spectrum CBD oil from The Hemp Community

Made with light-tasting, coconut-derived MCT oil, and terpene rich, flavourful full-spectrum CBD extract from hemp.

Served in 10ml Glass dropper bottles

Available in
250mg (2.5%),
500mg (5%),
1000mg (10%)
2000mg (20%)

As a full spectrum product, these oils have below the legal limit of 0.2%. They have a full terpene profile and complex cannabinoid content that unlocks the entourage effect.

The legal limit of THC for a CBD supplement is 0.2%, if you would like to try an oil with 0% THC, try our broad spectrum oil here

Why Use a CBD oil?

CBD oils are used by depositing drops under the tongue. This is a relatively quick way of getting the CBD into your sytem, and it’s relatively long lasting. Oils are a very balanced way to use CBD, and offer a lot of choice and control for the person taking them! Cost efficient and effective cannabinoid dosing.


Ingredients: MCT oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract


DISCLAIMER: This product contains less than 0.2% THC and is sold as a food supplement

You should not take CBD if you are taking regularly prescribed medications, and you should consult a trusted medical professional before taking a CBD food supplement. Please do not replace any medication for CBD. Do not use CBD food supplements while pregnant or nursing


2 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Oil – All Strengths – The Hemp Community

  1. Zoemcc (verified owner)

    Great oil, nice flavour and has definitely helped

  2. BingsDad

    Am taking it a little and it’s helped but we mainly use the 2.5% for the old cat who’s had fits/seizures related to long-term flea rash (has had vets treatment too of course!) & trauma from a rescue dog w had, then recently getting chased by the neighbours dog (thru the stairs). the cat ended up with severe ‘skin rippling’ (& poss Feline Hyperesthesia) and 1-2 x a day would overgroom so much as to then fit. It’s uncharted territory, so we’re taking t slow but it’s really helping him calm down and actually get some sleep. Thanks to the shop for the guidance on a starting dose (1 drop) and we’ve just upped it from there as we’re transitioning him from outdoor to indoor cat as well.

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