Almighty Foods Vegan CBD Chocolate (All Varieties)


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Stoneground Vegan Chocolate made in Scotland; Raw CBD Chocolate from Almighty Foods, delivers 10mg of CBD per bar, and its absolutely delicious.

Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Vegan Milk Chocolate (“MLIK”)

Hand Made Chocolate from Almighty Foods in Scotland

Vegan Friendly, Gluten and Soy free, May contain Traces of Nuts


DARK: Cacao (67%), Coconut Palm Sugar, Raw Hemp Extract (10mg CBD per bar)

MLIK: Cacao (35%), Coconut Palm Sugar, Scottisg gluten-free oats, powdered dates, cashew nut, lacuma, Raw Cannabis oil (10mg CBD per bar), Vanilla Powder, Lemon Essential Oil, Pure Raw Vanilla Extract

WHITE: Coconut Palm Sugar, Cacao butter, Scottish gluten-free oats, cashew nut, powdered dates, lacuma, raw cannabis oil (10mg CBD per bar), Vanilla Powder, sea salt, lemon essential oil, Pure Raw Vanilla extract

Disclaimer: Does not contain THC, not sold as a medicine

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Vegan Milk Chocolate, Vegan White Chocolate, Vegan Dark Chocolate


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