Professional Cannabis Services

The Hemp Community are pleased to offer bespoke Cannabis Training, Education and Consulting Services for businesses, healthcare professionals, care sector and other parties interested in updating their knowledge on cannabis.

With our Professional Cannabis Services, you can learn how changes in the cannabis industry can benefit your organisation and your customers. 

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The Hemp Community is a Social Enterprise in Edinburgh, and our aim is to raise awareness of the beneficial qualities of hemp and cannabis.

As well as working with families and members of the public, we offer bespoke training and workshops for businesses and other organisations interested in how they can benefit from the cannabis plant and its products.

We offer the opportunity for you to learn how the cannabis economy can positively effect your work. We can design an educational program tailored to your needs

Endocannabinoid System and Health
Medical Cannabis
Cannabis and the Law

Cannabis for Carers
Sensitivity Training
Culture and Societal impacts

Growth and Market Trends
Cannabis and CBD Business
Production and Consumption

As the laws regarding cannabis change, it is essential for organisations to understand the plant, it’s products and the people that that use it.
The Hemp Community’s Professional Cannabis Services aim to educate and inform on the many aspects and opportunities present in the Cannabis Industry, including the private, public and third sectors.

Groups who may find particular value in our services include;

Healthcare professionals
Social Care Workers and Support Agencies
Social Enterprises with health/well-being focus
Family/Patient Support Groups
Policy and Decision Makers
Business Groups interested in the Cannabis Industry

If you, your organisation or your staff are interested in the theory and practical application of cannabis,
The Hemp Community will be happy to facillitate a learning experience, designed to fit your requirements.

Check out The Hemp Community Podcast for an example of our insight and communication style; fun and informative, we combine professional insight with personal experience of Cannabis Culture, Medicine and Practice.

We aim to facilitate transformative educational experiences and inspire confidence in cannabis.