• The Hemp Community

    The Hemp Community (16)

    The Hemp Community is the UK's first social enterprise specialising in the sale of CBD products. Buy 1 get 1 Half-Price Buy 2 get 2 Half-Price...Etc...
  • CBD Oils & Tinctures

    CBD Oils & Tinctures (11)

    CBD Oils & Tinctures are our favourite way of taking CBD. These products are intended for use as food supplements. To use a CBD tincture, use the pipette to deposit drops of oil under your tongue. Leave the oil to absorb for about 60 seconds, and then swallow. Easy! Sub-lingual (under the tongue) application is an excellent way to get…
  • CBD for Beginners

    CBD for Beginners (12)

    These products are great for people new to using CBD oil We always recommend to Start low and go slow. Begin by taking 1-2 drops under your tongue, 2-3 times a day, and slowly build it up.  Routine is important, time is the secret ingredient Beginners using CBD should aim to make their first bottle last 3-4weeks. Most people new…
  • CBD Pastes

    CBD Pastes (4)

    CBD Pastes are a great way of using CBD Normally served in a syringe, these types of cannabis and hemp extracts are normally more concentrated than oil, and can be a little off-putting for novice users. CBD pastes come in a wide range of styles (e.g Raw Paste, CBD Distillate, or Partially Distilled extract!) and in various shapes and sizes.…
  • Mushroom Nutrition

    Mushroom Nutrition (4)

    Have you heard about mushroom health? Natural mushroom health products to build into your health routine. These nutritional mushrooms are 100% non-psychoactive. They are used as a quality food supplement in drinks and smoothies.
  • CBD Clearance and Sale

    CBD Clearance and Sale (27)

    You'll find Special offers and clearance CBD in this part of the shop! Grab a bargain! CBD oils, Capsules, Full Spectrum Products, Extracts and more! Some items are reduced to clear, when they’re gone they’re gone!
  • Dynavap

    Dynavap (19)

    Dynavap Dry Herb Vaporizers now Available at The Hemp Community
  • CBD Tea & Drinks

    CBD Tea & Drinks (9)

    CBD Tea & Drinks
  • CBD Capsules

    CBD Capsules (3)

    Convenient CBD dosing with CBD Capsules. Start with one CBD capsule, and take with water after a meal. Consuming CBD this way sends the dose to the digestive tract, then to the liver followed by the bloodstream. Slow onset and long duration, oral ingestion of cannabinoids is a time tested method for body comfort. Capsules vary in dosage, and some…
  • CBD Vape Oils

    CBD Vape Oils (6)

    CBD vape liquids (Does not contain Nicotine)
  • CBD Balms & Skin Care

    CBD Balms & Skin Care (2)

    CBD Balms & Skin Care
  • HeadShop

    HeadShop (44)

    Sometimes you just have to visit a headshop for some heady goodness... See our selection of Cannabis Positive lifestyle products Bongs, Grinders, Rolling Papers, Lighters and Dry Herb Vaporisers Treat Yourself!
  • CBD Edibles

    CBD Edibles (14)

    Edibles (Infused food products) are a tasty way of taking CBD. Each food product contains a CBD dose. Eat a half or a whole. Your choice! CBD Chocolate, Vegan Treats and we're always on the lookout for new products!
  • Hemp Accessories

    Hemp Accessories (9)

    Hemp Accessories