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A range of Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBD Oils…

Thicker and stronger than an Oil, pastes are a step-up for experienced users…

Long-lasting body-focused doses that are convenient to consume…

CBD infused gummies, chocolate and more. Vegan options available…

CBD Vape Cartridges with Terpenes, or CBD Vape Additive for your mod…

Add CBD to any drink with our Exclusive Liposmal solution; Green Gold

Another Original creation; Brain Food combines Lions Mane Mushroom, CBD and Vitamin D3

Apply CBD directly to your body, exactly where you need it…

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Part of our mission here at The Hemp Community is to raise awareness of the benefits of hemp and cannabis, especially for the health of individuals. We share our experience in our free podcast available to stream or download now!

Expand your Cannabis Knowledge

Are you or your organisation interested in learning more about endocannabinoid health, cannabis medicine, public health policy or any other hemp-related issues? Get in touch today and we can design and facilitate learning experiences for your group 


CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a chemical compound produced and extracted from the flowering tops of cannabis and hemp plants. It is normally sold and consumed in the form of an oil.

CBD acts like a kind of food for the human body’s Endocannabinoid System. By feeding our ECS we ensure that it can function at its best, keeping us healthy and happy.

Yes, CBD is Legal! CBD products have been available over the counter in the UK for several years, and there are many legitimate businesses selling it! 

CBD will not get you high; the part of cannabis that we associate with the euphoric “stoned” feeling is called THC, which remains a controlled substance in the UK.

There are many options including CBD oils (under the tongue) Capsules, Vapes, Balms and Food/Drinks. You get to choose the products you take!

Yes! You can take as much or as little CBD as you feel comfortable with, you are in control! Many of our community use multiple products in combination based on their personal preferences.

No prescription or appointment is necessary, but if you’d like some advice on getting started just get in touch!

The UK has very stringent rules regarding hemp and cannabis, and there is no indication that the government are looking to change any time soon, although the international trend is towards a regulated cannabis market. 

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